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2009-08-15 11:40:22 by The-FlashMaster

Thought i'd say how awesome these smileys are.
WOW, how long ago did i post that? (look down or above, whatev). I only really post something whne i'm bored. Which, judging by the vintage of my last post, doesn't happen very often. Bah, Fallen Leaves is half done, so is Coca Cola, and BB6, and Two Hearts, and London Undergound. Frickin' Hell, CAN I actually finish something?!?
Well, Two Hearts is nearly done...answering yourself in your head is fine. Doing it in a Userpage post is not. I'm too lazy to go back over this and edit it all, so before I forget *tpyos...^^
I might post all my unfinished work as a super flash, I hope it works :S
Well, I might start posting stuff here, sorry BLOGGING, SHUT UP, ajn;bbbvlk; /
PisdSo ]

Before I lose control of my PC, BYE :P

PS Alton Towers Rules

PSS so does google talk

P.S.S.S. i suck co;ouegjmkbl'. srhf

Am I retarded or what?

2007-07-27 18:21:29 by The-FlashMaster

I have a flash to finish called fallen leaves (for some reason I named it 'town') of which is 1 min long, I stopped at 30 seconds and am already contemplating making the buttons (in case you don't already know, making buttons for a flash, which isn't finished, is your brain's way of saying 'I'm bored...hurry up you lazy arse'). I NEED to finsih it or I'll shoot myself in the foot...or my friends will throw bamboo poles at me (inside joke - NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, just keep reading).


2007-07-27 18:16:42 by The-FlashMaster

Yeah...I kinda stopped halfway through and now dread the file, so....yeah...I will eventually get round to finishing it, but my attention span is WAY too short for something that is longer than 30 seconds. As is obvious by this very short and useless first post. (Alton Towers rules! and yes I will put this on everything)