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Entry #3


2009-08-15 11:40:22 by The-FlashMaster

Thought i'd say how awesome these smileys are.
WOW, how long ago did i post that? (look down or above, whatev). I only really post something whne i'm bored. Which, judging by the vintage of my last post, doesn't happen very often. Bah, Fallen Leaves is half done, so is Coca Cola, and BB6, and Two Hearts, and London Undergound. Frickin' Hell, CAN I actually finish something?!?
Well, Two Hearts is nearly done...answering yourself in your head is fine. Doing it in a Userpage post is not. I'm too lazy to go back over this and edit it all, so before I forget *tpyos...^^
I might post all my unfinished work as a super flash, I hope it works :S
Well, I might start posting stuff here, sorry BLOGGING, SHUT UP, ajn;bbbvlk; /
PisdSo ]

Before I lose control of my PC, BYE :P

PS Alton Towers Rules

PSS so does google talk

P.S.S.S. i suck co;ouegjmkbl'. srhf


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